Sunday, 25 March 2012

The End for the St Helena Independent

The St Helena Independent has announced that the next issue will be its last. Its demise seems to have been occasioned by the decision of the Government to start a new newspaper, and no longer to buy advertising space, without which the Independent is unviable.

I had always wondered how such a small population could support two newspapers, but this is nevertheless a worrying development. Some reaction, including my own, has been covered on Simon Pipe's blog. There is little more I can add except to say that this is a regrettable and rather worrying development. The Independent was a thorn in the flesh for the Government on the island. It was not always right, but it performed a useful service.

It will surely also have consequences for employment at the island's privately owned printing firm. At the moment the airport project is generating a number of better paid jobs, and will do so for some time. How the island will fare when the airport is complete and the RMS St Helena, itself an important employer, is decommissioned, is another matter.


Hels said...

Why is the RMS St Helena to be decommissioned? What will replace it?

John Tyrrell said...

The air link is intended to replace RMS St Helena. It will not run once the airport is completed. I don't think anyone has quite worked out how freight will get to St Helena, but passengers will be expected to fly.