Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Other St Helena Blogs

On Michel's blog there is an update about progress with the construction of a rest area and toilets on the approach to Napoleon's tomb. The island is slowly but surely gearing itself up for the expected increase in tourists when the airport is built.

Michel's blog also has a picture taken at his much loved Briars, showing the garden in front of the Balcombes' pavilion with the heart shaped waterfall in full flow in the background.

Also there is a new blog on St Helena history, written by John Grimshaw, whose photographs of the island have previously featured on here. John's latest post is about the murder at Prosperous Bay Signal Station in 1904, including the report of the execution of the two convicted murderers behind the customs shed and their burial in quick lime coffins. I wonder if John can tell me when the last execution took place on St Helena?

How strange to have two St Helena bloggers both Johns and both living in Greater Manchester!


John Grimshaw said...

John, Ian Baker in his book "One Man's Island" says that the Crowies were the last people hanged on the island and the murder was the last for some three quarters of a century. I should have paid more attention but I recall that in the reception area of the police station in Jamestown there is a picture of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty not that many years ago. Maybe one of your other readers could provide the details and I will ammend my post.

John Tyrrell said...

Many thanks for the reply. I have now amended the date.