Friday, 2 July 2010

Another Organized Trip to St Helena on the R.M.S.

Following news of the success of the guided tour of the Napoleonic cultural sites in October this year comes news of another organised tour.

This one, under the auspices of the Napoleonic Society, will take place from 30th May until 19th June 2011.

The guide will be Michel Martineau, known on the island as "The Frenchman". Michel has devoted twenty years or so to the restoration and safeguarding of the French properties, to improving collaboration with the British authorities and, if the truth be told, to doing what he can to improve the life of the people of St Helena. He will be an admirable guide.

Further information is available on the web site of the French Society of Napoleonic History and supplementary information is available on Michel's blog of 30th June.

Visitors will stay on board the R.M.S. St Helena each night.

Apart from the usual tours of Longwood House, the Briars, the Valley of the Tomb and Plantation House, visitors will also be taken to places such as Longwood Plateau, Fisher's Valley (Valley of the Nymph), Orange Grove, Maldivia and Sandy Bay, all of which were part of the fascinating history of the captivity of Napoleon.

The group will also dine at Longwood House, get the chance to meet all the local dignitaries at a cocktail party there, and will even be invited to dine with the Frenchman in his impressive house - situated away from the incessant rain and wind of Longwood where Michel spent more years than Napoleon!

I am sure the trip will be a great success, and will be oversubscribed.

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