Thursday, 17 December 2009

The beginning of the end - the retreat from Moscow

Marshal Ney Supporting the Rear Guard During the Retreat from Moscow (1856, by Adolphe Yvon 1817-1893). From the Manchester Art Gallery.

Temperatures of below -25°C killed as many as the enemy, and by December 1812 only 13,000 of the Grand Army remained.

A very large painting, it looks much better in the original, and conveys the horror of that campaign all too well.

I have been meaning to post this for some time. I have put it on now to complement the thoughts by Miss Elizabeth (The Emperor and I) on snow in Holland, which seems a little rarer now than it was in the days of Brueghel.

It is about the only painting that I can recall from the Manchester Gallery that has any Napoleonic theme. Liverpool seems a little better in this respect.

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MissElisabeth said...

Thank you, John!
I love that painting.
Ney was a hero in Russia, such a shame he screwed up at Waterloo.