Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wintertons to Visit St. Helena

Having just read the St. Helena Independent I note that a parliamentary delegation is due in St. Helena in August - assuming no further mishaps to the RMS St Helena.

Among the delegation will be Mrs Ann Winterton, Tory MP for Congleton in Cheshire. She will be accompanied by her husband, Sir Nicholas Winterton, Tory MP for nearby Macclesfield in Cheshire.

Apparently the Governor is pleased that the Wintertons are due to visit St. Helena in August - because of their "crusading zeal".

I usually keep my political opinions to myself, but I have to admit that the Wintertons are not my cup of tea- even before the latest scandal erupted.

Mrs Winterton earned notoriety a few years back after a racist joke following the death of a number of Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay. Mrs Winterton Chinese "Joke" This followed an earlier joke about Pakistanis being ten a penny. Mrs Winterton Background

The couple have recently been discovered to have been claiming expenses as MP's. to rent a London flat that they own - or rather that a family trust owns. The property was put into a trust to avoid inheritance tax.

Winterton Expenses

Wintertons' Burglar Alarm

They have been doing nothing wrong apparently, but some of Sir Nicholas's constituents are not too happy: Macclesfield Views on The Winterton Expenses - but he will still get re-elected -as would one of St Helena's donkeys if it were nominated in his place.

Clearly Mrs Winterton will, as part of the parliamentary delegation, have all her expenses paid. I assume Sir Nicholas will be paying his own way.

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