Saturday, 10 May 2008

Celebrations to Mark 150 Years of French Properties

Interesting post on Michel's blog on the celebrations of the 150 years of the French Properties. Good press coverage, and no need for me to translate anything. One of the papers picked up on the fact that a direct descendant of Napoleon, Count Walewski, laid a wreath at the tomb - along with the Governor and the Honorary French Consul and the Head Boy and Head Girl from the Prince Andrew School. A Latin Mass was held in the room Napoleon died in at 5.45 on May 5th.

I picked up the following interesting and I think encouraging passage from the Independent

In his speech, Governor Gurr expressed
his admiration for Emperor Napoleon,
who died on the Island over 187 years
ago. He also took the opportunity to
thank Michel Martineau, the French
Consul, by saying that “we, the inhabit-
ants of this Island, owe you a debt for
the fact that you have re-created the
most significant part of our heritage with
a taste and professionalism that will be
of enormous benefit as we develop our
tourism. I give you my hearty thanks.”
A toast was held to our Queen and to
the memory of Emperor Napoleon.

150 Years of French Properties

Great to see a glamorous lady who has appeared on one of my blogs photographed at the reception at the Briars Pavilion.

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