Sunday, 13 April 2008

Stamps / Philately, St. Helena & Napoleon

A short posting from Dubai airport on my way back from KL. Strange that I have been in this airport three times already this year, and have only been into Manchester twice. Anyway, I digress.

Michel has posted on his blog a collection of stamps that have in the past been issued on St. Helena with Napoleon as the subject. The first bears an August 1953 date stamp. It will I am sure interest most philatelists. Some of the stamps are apparently now quite rare.

It appears that Michel had asked the St. Helena Post Office to mount an exhibition to coincide with the 150 years of the French Properties, but he has not even had a reply. Surprising and a little disappointing! Stamps are I understand a good source of revenue for small islands, and I would have expected St. Helena to use every opportunity to market itself as an issuer of stamps. Michel himself has indicated that he has had a large number of emails following his last blog on the stamps he has designed for St. Helena.

Anyway the blog can be found here : St Helena Stamps

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